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Rene Bosolet Jr.
Rene Bosolet Jr.

Rebellious Creative and Bronx Native

A NuYoRican Love Warrior who is purposely vague about details in writing and elusively nonspecific about his accomplishments and past money-making endeavours. He is best known for being a rebellious creative who seizes every organic opportunity to introduce a little chaos to most experiences. Concerned with cultivating imagination and inspiring self-confidence within those in his immediate vicinity, he is a truth-seeking, freedom-fighter who devotes near 100% of his time to raising his two toddlers affectionately called The KiLLaBeez with his equally impressive life-partner and wife Mel. He’s no stranger to a stage or a mic. You can catch some of his current material on YouTube if you search for “MidnyteSnax.” Enjoy the rest

Jordan Dann

Coach, Educator and Experience Architect

Jordan is a dynamic and innovative coach, educator and experience architect. Her training in Gestalt Psychotherapy as well as her many years coaching and directing actors has fostered her desire to help individuals become more self-aware, free, and expressive. Her commitment is to help people reach higher levels of fulfillment, truth, effectiveness and joy in their lives; and to help create intentional working environments so that people feel safe to communicate, play, create, resolve conflict, and get work done.

As an educator she has taught at NYU, Boston University, Colorado Mountain College, DreamYard Art Center, Stella Adler Studios and Cap21. As an experience architect and program manager she has worked with the Teachers & Writers Collaborative, Shakespeare Society, Aspen Institute’s Aspen Words, and Theatre Aspen. She has a BFA (acting) an MFA (theater education) from Boston University, and is currently undergoing training at the Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy for her Psychoanalytic License.

Rajeeyah Finnie-Myers

Culture Worker

Rajeeyah is an arts and culture professional dedicated to reviving socially engaged organizations and individuals to run at top form. She holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and has been working in the arts-in-education field for over 10 years. In addition to designing, implementing and evaluating community arts programming and artist professional development, Rajeeyah has worked with several New York City based theater and dance companies as a performer. She is currently the Director of Professional Development at DreamYard and manages the Field Leadership Fund Fellowship at The Field.

Lisa Green
Lisa Green

Movement Specialist and Holistic Health Practitioner

Lisa is the Department Director of Dance and Music at DreamYard. She has over 10 years experience in the public school system, working in In-school and Out-Of-School programs. She has worked closely with teachers collaborating to integrate arts to the curriculum. Lisa has had extensive experience in training facilitation with Global Arts To Go where she has conducted several workshops on literacy through arts as well as topics that focus on youth and community development. Lisa has earned her B.A. Degree as a Child & Youth Counselor, where she has worked with a number of at risk children and their families.

Lisa is also an accomplished performing artist, skilled in several dance forms, has traveled and performed with many dance companies locally and internationally. The skills she has acquired in her field as a counselor have informed her work as a dance educator and performing artist. This led her to develop and implement dance programming for children focusing on their social and emotional growth through movement. To add to her credits Lisa also specializes in many health and fitness modalities. Certified in Pilates, Yoga, Zumba Instruction and Ayurvedic Holistic Health Practitioner.

Terry Mitchell
Terry Mitchell

Wealth Advisor, Educator and Activist

Growing up in an immigrant household of women entrepreneurs spanning different countries, Terry was quickly introduced to the disparity within minority communities. A fiery curiosity set out to understand the reasons. A culmination of history, economics and finance quenched his thirst for answers. What he found was astounding! Globally, minority communities are largely excluded from wealth creation opportunities, financial literacy programs; have limited access to startup capital and are poorly served in global marketplaces. His passion is to combine his experience to close this gap through education, providing financial resources, protecting against market and political threats using capital markets.

Jill Sigman

Interdisciplinary Artist and Cultural Change Agent

Jill is an interdisciplinary artist and agent of change whose work exists at the intersection of dance, visual art, and social practice. She choreographs with bodies and materials. Working with things we cast off such as “garbage” and “weeds”, Sigman helps us to re-see our environments and envision a future in which we re-connect with the natural world and each other in meaningful and empathic ways. Sigman has built huts out of trash in places such as The Ringling Museum of Art, a community center in Greenpoint, and a fjord in the Arctic, She was originally trained in classical ballet, textile conservation, and analytic philosophy, and she has been an Artist in Residence at Movement Research, Guapamacátaro Residency in Art and Ecology (Mexico), The Green Choreographers Initiative, The Rauschenberg Residency; a Choreographic Fellow at MANCC and the Center for Creative Research at NYU; and a Creative Campus Fellow at Wesleyan University. She grew up in Brooklyn.

Kamau Ware

Artist Historian, Black Gotham Experience
Black Gotham Experience

Kamau (ka/ma/oo) is the Founder and Lead Creative of Black Gotham Experience, an immersive multimedia project founded in 2010 that celebrates the impact of the African Diaspora on New York City. Black Gotham is a real and imagined place, and includes interactive walking tours through Manhattan’s Financial District, a developing trilogy of photography-based graphic novels, and a web series, weaving together art, research, fashion and entertainment. Kamau is also a photographic artist, and owner of Kamau Studios in Red Hook.

David King

Founding member, The Seven Collective

David is an actor, director, educator and hobbyist photographer. He recently acted in the independent feature film “Four Bottles” by John Painz and previously appeared in “Stuck”, Painz’s acclaimed feature film that was accepted into The Soho International and Art of Brooklyn Film Festivals. His photos have been featured in the New York Daily News, Spindle and Musée digital magazines. His chapbook, Because the View, is a collection of original poems, musings and photographs inspired by growing up and aware in NYC. He serves as Program Director at Community-Word Project.

Through TSC, he co-produced 7 Days of Play – a festival of interactive events centered on music, theatre, health and community service; curated The Impressions art exhibition featuring work from Harlem and Bronx youth; and contributed as an actor, director, teaching artist and facilitator. He is a native New Yorker and graduate of Brooklyn Technical HS and The City College of New York (CUNY). Proud member of Actors’ Equity Association. Client of UGA Talent. He appreciates those who contribute to the process.

Roderick Warner
Roderick Warner

Founding member, The Seven Collective

Roderick A. Warner is an Actor, Director, Writer, Photographer and Educator born and raised in Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.  Roderick has a B.A. in Theatre and served as Artistic Director of the St. Jude Community Center in Brooklyn, NY for over ten years where he wrote and directed plays for the program’s aspiring young actors. On stage, his involvement with the Harlem Repertory Theater led to leading roles in the musicals Cabaret (Clifford Bradshaw) and The Wiz (Tin Man). He was also seen in King Lear at Aaron Davis Hall, Shango Lord of Thunder at the National Black Theater, Moon On A Rainbow Shawl at New Federal and most recently, ResurGents at the Midtown Int’l Theater Festival. A true renaissance artist, Roderick took time off to travel the world and gained a profound global perspective that serves to inform and enhance his craft.