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Ligo Project Art (of) Science – Gallery Night

Gallery Night

An artist and a scientist are hanging out… What could happen?
Find out and you may discover some truly amazing science-inspired art and a unique way to hear about scientific research happening in your own neighborhood!

As a multi-media event, Ligo Project Art (of) Science – Gallery Night will provide a way for the community to learn about and explore scientific innovation through different artistic media.

7-10 PM

Littlefield, 622 Degraw St

The Fierce Urgency of Now: A Space to Process the Election

FREE and open to people of all races, ethnicities, ages, and nationalities, artists and non-artists. No RSVP required.

Initiated by Jill Sigman and Co-Facilitated by Marguerite Hemmings, Joshua Hall, Mary Suk, David King, and other artists and thinkers. Hosted by Gibney Dance.

The Fierce Urgency of Now is a public dialogue event for artists, activists, friends, colleagues, and affiliates. Many of us are still feeling the need for space and community in which to process the election and its ramifications. Artists and activists are simultaneously part of multiple vulnerable populations; now more than ever, we are concerned about racism, sexism, visas and immigration, access to healthcare, rights and safety for queer and trans people, disability access, affordable housing, financial stability, and so much more.

This loosely structured public event creates a “temporary commons” in which to think, talk, wonder, question, imagine, and brainstorm. It is conceived as an open dialogue (not a strategy meeting or a place to determine actionable steps, although if those emerge, we’ll welcome them too). One event can’t do everything. The Fierce Urgency of Now is intended to be part of a collective beginning, which hopefully leads to future dialogues, more focused groups, strategy building, task forces, etc.


A feature film from John Painz
Writer-Director-Producer of the award-winning indie feature film STUCK
“Four Bottles” Trailer

Stacy lost out on the job of a lifetime. She decides to ask her friends for advice, but finds out they all have their own problems, and it’s all they want to talk about. With a job waiting for her back in Wisconsin, Stacy has to decide whether to stick it out in the city or head home.

Filmed in January 2016


From Peculiar Works Project
Directed by Ralph Lewis

Written 1716 – Adapted 2016
Politics then and now . . . In a Boxing Ring!

Much more than just America’s first play, Androboros exposes many incredible comparisons to the current political scene with a surprising and edgy humor that couldn’t be more right for our non-stop election madness. 300 years later, its parallels to today’s trendy rebellion against an ambiguous “establishment” government are both undeniable and comical.


November 4 at 9 PM
November 5 at 7 PM
November 6 at 5 PM

Admission: FREE
Reserve your seat


UP-ROAR: A BENEFIT SPEAKEASY for NYC’s Only Child Aerial Theatre

Live music by Only Child’s collaborators Dan Dauchy and Laura Sisskin Fernandez.
Plus special guests John McGrew, LIEBS and more!

Aerial performances by Only Child’s Nicki Miller, Kendall Rileigh, Sloan Bradford and Samantha Sterman.
Plus more special guests TBA!

Only Child is an aerial theatre company founded by actresses/aerialists Nicki Miller and Kendall Rileigh that combines their loves of circus and theatre to explore a new genre of performance. With whimsy and childlike imagination, Only Child specializes in creating poetic theatrical worlds where aerial acrobatics is a tool for heightened storytelling.

November 18
7:30 PM
Muse Brooklyn, 350 Moffat St

HBO Mentor Program

Performance workshop

TSC leads theme-specific, interactive theatre workshops for young children, teens and adults. Longtime friend of TSC Julie Tran will join us. Click here for more.

November 18
4-6 PM
HBO, 1100 Ave of the Americas

Harry O’Reilly, The Actors Alliance Studio of New York

Studying with the Harry O’Reilly, Creative Director of The Actors Alliance Studio of New York
Connected via UGA Talent
Beginning November 2016


By Kate McLeod
Artists Without Walls (AWoW) Showcase
With Renata Hinrichs, fellow client of UGA Talent

October 27
7 PM
the cell theatre, 338 W 23rd St

UGA Talent

Founded by U-Shin Kim

Who are we: A highly sought out and unique group of talented, trained, hardworking, curious and badass artists from NYC. A motley crew of creatives carefully selected by Andrew who have spent time in the business, know their ever-evolving part in it and know how to hustle and do their job.

What is UGA: A brand new, innovative agency that can fit seamlessly into today’s market but isn’t afraid to approach the business by breaking new ground, taking risks and trying out new ideas! Andrew and his team take a deeply personal interest in each particular client. In order to offer a unique hands-on approach to their individual careers, Andrew purposefully maintains a small roster.

Marcus Davidson
Marcus Davidson

CHARLES MAYAN’S Playwrights Workshop
Play Reading

By Marcus Davidson

September 12
The Actor’s Conservatory, 315 West 39th St


Conceived and curated by Maya Jeffereis
Actor, Subject

Her upcoming exhibition Fallout Shelter is a video installation and participatory project that engages participants in a conversation about identity politics. It stages a US Navy “moral values” training exercise, found by the artist at an abandoned naval station in Puerto Rico. The exercise outlines a post-apocalyptic survival scenario. Participants must choose which six out of ten fallout shelter occupants are to remain, based on limited information about age, race, gender, sexuality, occupation, and ideology. Participants are playfully confronted with their own values as they engage in a thought experiment about ethics, identification, and representation, as they decide who will survive to rebuild society.

This examination raises some critical questions about power and authority.

July 7-25
SOHO20 Gallery, 56 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

July Flux Thursday: Interdependence Day

Curator: Christina Freeman, current Flux Factory artist-in-residence

The July Flux Thursday potluck will be a play on the American Independence Day BBQ. This is a reverse July 4th party. We will be celebrating collaboration, cooperation, cross-pollination, relation & alliance building, and the recognition of the impossibility of autonomy. We will be talking about interdependence, not only in terms of societal systems & structures, but also the interdependent relationship of art & politics with the following queries:

How do art & politics feed one another?
Why do people have the urge to separate them?
Is there any benefit to separating them?
How do you negotiate their relationship in your life & practice?

July 14
8:00-10:00 PM
Flux Factory, 39-31 29th St, Long Island City, NY 11101

BOOMERANG THEATRE COMPANY’S First Flight New Play Festival

Play Readings

By Dennis Agle Jr.
Directed by Tim Errickson

The characters of an unfinished Shakespeare play embark on a quest in modern-day England in an effort to discover how their stories end.

Full Schedule
The Festival runs from March 16-19
CAP 21, 18 West 18th St, 5th Floor, Studio 501