7 Days of Play 2010

In the second and final week of the 7 Days of Play Theatre Festival, we are happy to announce our second round of playwrights- Brett Hursey, Mike Smith and special guest artist, Miriam Tabb. This week, featured performers are David King, Jacqueline King, Jean-Pierre Barthelemy, Angelique Orsini and Miriam Tabb. With a fresh batch of Directors and a brand new cast, this week promises to be as exciting and thought-provoking as the last. Join us in this project as we conclude the 7 Days of Play Theatre Festival. The Saturday night performance will be followed by a talk back.

Scrambled by Brett Hursey

Brett Hursey’s comedies have appeared in theaters across the country including venues in Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hollywood, as well as internationally in England, Australia and Canada. He’s also had twenty-five off/off-off Broadway productions in Manhattan and will have two shows appearing in the “Made in Vancouver” Festival during the 2010 Olympics.
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Directed by Nabil Vinas

Featuring: Angelique Orsini and Jean-Pierre Barthelemy

Domestic tranquility is shattered after Chloe discovers her husband of only two and a half months has just bought a “feminine protection” product for another woman.

Not Here
by Mike Smith

Mike Smith is a native of Harlem, New York. He is a graduate of City College Center for Worker Education. Mike’s play, Not Here has won an award for best play in the Aery Theatre 20/20 Play Festival. He’s been involved in a number of theatrical performances (writing and acting) at City College Center for Worker Education, and has had several poems featured in various publications through the Center. He is currently working for the New York City Department of Education as an Educational Assistant-Crisis Paraprofessional… read more

Directed by Alexander Christian Mulzac

Featuring: David King and Jacqueline King

A young man who comes to the church to find God. Unfortunately, his cries are intercepted by one of the ushers who inadvertently steers him away after a verbal exchange over a reserved seat.

by Miriam Tabb

Miriam Tabb, actress, writer, director, and small business owner of Life Noted, has the amazing ability to get the most personal story out of anyone. Her sensitive awareness and empathy for people, relationships, and the world around her is the reason Miriam became a trained actress to re-enact important moments in life, onstage. Graduating from The City College of New York with a BA in Theatre, Miriam took her love for stories a step further to act, write, and direct moving pieces that honor the human spirit…read more

Directed by Jean-Pierre Barthelemy

Featuring: Miriam Tabb

A one act play that chronicles the journey of one woman, Alice, whose plan for motherhood differs from the life she lived to become one.

In our inaugural week of the 7 Days of Play Theatre Festival, we are happy to announce the first round of playwrights- Ed Cardona Jr. and Michael Weems. Featured performers this week are Alexander C. Mulzac, Betsy Holt, Nabil Vinas, Damian Desiree, John Esposito and Shyla Idris. Join us in this project as we kick off the 7 Days of Play Theatre Festival. The Saturday night performance will be followed by a talk back.

Gluttony by Ed Cardona Jr.

Ed Cardona Jr. Selected as an Artistic Associate for the Working Theater’s 25th Anniversary Season, which will produce his play American Jornalero, a 1st Stage Production, New York City, March 2010 (theworkingtheater.org). His other plays include an adaptation of Pablo’s Christmas (commissioned and published by Dramatic Publishing, 2009) from the children’s book by Hugo C. Martin; Apricot Sunday, in 2008: The Best 10-Minute Plays for 2 Actors(Contemporary Playwright Series) by Lawrence Harbison…read more

Directed by David King

Featuring: Nabil Vinas, Damian Desiree, John Esposito and Shyla Idris

Two ideologically polar opposite strangers try to make sense of why they find themselves in the same post-apocalyptic waiting room.

Laugh Riot
 by Michael Weems

Michael Weems is a NYC based writer, playwright, and actor.  Recent playwriting credits include:  Bludgeon the Lime and Necessary Adjustments (Phare Play Productions) Fragments, Waiting Life, and Onward, Forward (Little Hibiscus Productions), Subtlety (Algonquin Productions), Burden Me (Strawberry Riant Festival & Awakening Drama); Waiting Life, Ready to Shine, and Subtlety (Brief Acts). Recent fiction/poetry credits: Love Me, As Well (Record Magazine – Winter 08-09) When We Reached the Forest (Indite Circle Literary) and being named the poet of the month for ‘O Sweet Flowery Roses Literary Journal (October 2008)…read more

Directed by Jean-Pierre Barthelemy

Featuring: Alexander C. Mulzac and Betsy Holt

A couple on a third date encounters differences in their views on the levity of sex.