PLAY – Oct 28-31

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Oct 28 – 31
7:00 PM | $20


TheaterLab NYC

357 West 36th Street, 3rd floor
(Between 8th and 9th Aves)
123ACE to 34th Street
PATH to 34th Street

They submitted and we selected. You enjoy!
4 nights
4 distinctive works
4 playwrights

Written by Daphna Thier
Directed by David King
Featuring Daphna Thier, Arno Austin, Annie-Sage Whitehurst,
Joseph Dimuzio, Kate DaRocha and Shane C. Hall

In a world where people no longer work on land but instead work at factories on board massive ships mid-ocean, a young pregnant woman and an older man offer each other warmth and companionship. Time seems to be at a standstill and the boss is always watching. Suddenly they hear news about a workers’ siege on board another ship.

Written by Sam Graber
Directed by Jajmi Robinson
Featuring Michael Flood Jr., Rachel Russell, Arlene A. McGruder,
Araba Brown and Rommel Tolentino

The assistant picture-taker at the DMV, in search of the perfect push-up.

Written by Julia Lederer
Directed by La Rivers
Featuring Sharon Matteson & Charlene Brea-Gomez (10/28 & 10/29) +
JC Sullivan & Elle Anhorn (10/30 & 10/31)

A pair of strangers find themselves in the back room of an art gallery, drawn to the same painting. Laura is trying to complete a class project and Mary is trying to complete a life-long search. A comedic drama that explores the individual’s relationship to a work of art, as both a confidante and outlet, when the real world no longer makes sense.

Written by Terence Patrick Hughes
Directed by Alexander C. Mulzac
Featuring Gus Weinstein and Bradley Brian Custer

Oscar is a novelist down on his luck. Cricket is a dealer who sleeps in the shrubs. When the two meet on a bench in Central Park for an exchange of ‘the usual’, their destinies swiftly intertwine even as the transaction and their wits begin to unravel.

Run Time: 2 hrs, 15 mins

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