Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks some truth on NPR

by nabil on March 21, 2014


Neil deGrasse Tyson on Fresh Air (2/27/14)

If you haven’t heard yet, television program COSMOS (originally with Carl Sagan in 1980) is back all new with Neil deGrasse Tyson guiding us through the wonders of our universe.

In this honest and revealing conversation with Fresh Air’s Dave Davies, Neil talks about why he declined an invitation to speak at his old elementary school.
“…I am where I am today not because of what the teachers said about me or did for me, but in spite of it.”

Why it’s a problem to label African-Americans as naturally talented instead of hard working (he brilliantly examines the treatment of Micheal Jordan vs. Larry Bird).
“…at some point one needs to say, yes, black people who are talented work at what they did to become talented. All right? Oh, it’s just genetic. Oh, it’s fast twitch muscle. It’s low twitch. Shut up. Give me a chance to tell you how hard we work at this stuff.”

And I personally loved hearing he was captain of his wrestling team just like I was in the Bronx. Enjoy the talk and check out Cosmos, a 13 part series on FOX Sundays at 9pm, or National Geographic Mondays at 10pm. Or on HULU like I do.

Check out the Interview

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