Nabil Viñas

Nabil is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Washington Heights as a first generation Dominican. His parents immigrated from Moca in the 1970′s.

He will star in the next feature film from award winning writer-director Ela Thier (Foreign Letters 2012). He is slated to appear as robot MISSIONS in David Spaltro’s bittersweet romance with a science-fiction twist “Wake-Up in New York”. And he is the male lead in the indie thriller “Natalie” by Laura Durkay. His talent has inspired writers and directors, as all three of the aforementioned filmmakers are past collaborators who wrote their current projects specifically for him.

Nabil was nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Long Island International Film Expo 2013) and shared a Best Ensemble Acting award (Idyllwild Cinemafest 2012) with the cast from David Spaltro’s indie success “Things I Don’t Understand”. To date the film has garnered eleven “Best Feature” and two “Audience Choice” awards. He has also played lead roles in numerous short films. Highlights include “Top of the World” (Dir. Ela Thier) , “The War At Home” (Dir. August Dannehl) and “Lloro’” (Dir. Ramazan Nanayev).
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