Accessible Theatre

New York City is the world’s capital for theatre and yet few of our youth have access to see quality works. So we decided to bring theatre to them. We lead arts and team-building workshops for youth and adults, using theatre, poetry and movement to educate and entertain.

Free Arts NYC educational arts & mentoring programs
NYC Arts in Education Roundtable
HBO Mentor Workshops

Restore Culture

Nearly all of western literature and art stems from fundamental notions about life that are characteristically European. There is nothing wrong with that. The problem arises when those works are taken to be a complete representation of our world. Students from every background, at all levels, should be exposed to a more inclusive model of the world.

Make History Fun

The tradition of making history more palpable goes back farther than Shakespeare with epic works like Richard III. In many parts of Africa the traditional form of teaching was through storytelling and music. The griots of West and Central Africa were revered for their encyclopedic knowledge, expansive memories and ability to make history come alive.

It is our belief that students can and should learn from the written word but there should be a place for all kinds of learning – from movement to storytelling.

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