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The Seven Collective is a dynamic artists collective and production company. We strive to create an environment for collaborative art rooted in our sense of community. Visit us on Facebook.


  • The Seven Collective Logo created by Rico Steal Productions
  • Members Photo photo credit: Mario Vinas
  • A Living Workshop: Closer by Patrick Marber photo credit: Mario Vinas

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  • Alexander Christian Mulzac nominated for Best Actor Award at Film Festival
  • David King wins The Jacob Weiser Promise Award
  • Jean-Pierre Barthelemy wins the Friar’s Club Award 2007


“For those of you who don’t know, the Seven Collective includes Nabil (Viñas), David King, and Alexander Mulzac – all members and guests of the Directors & Actors Lab (The Independent Film School), as well as Roderick Warner who’s been in Nabil’s acting class…This group does amazing and significant work and I look forward to many of us supporting their important efforts. They ROCK!!!”
– Ela Thier, Founder of The Independent Film School


“But Designing Man becomes ensnared in the political machinations of his best friend, Half Moon Terror (David King, also very good), and Michael, too, becomes a pawn in this game.” – NY Times
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“…Half-Moon Terror – a duplicitous character straight out of Shakespeare played to perfection by David King.” –
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“I particularly enjoyed Alexander Mulzac’s performance as a virile, flawed, confident man who for reasons that at least partially reveal themselves seems to be uninterested in his lively, smart, and sexy girlfriend (played by Michaela Watkins).” –

“…Gifted, well-trained and versatile…a solid mixture of focus, commanding presence and vulnerability. After working with him (Nabil Vinas) on “…Around” he was one of only two actors I wrote a role for in my follow-up, “Things I Don’t Understand”.” – David Spaltro, award-winning writer-director

“…keep an eye out for the excellent David King as the Tarantino-esque Chester Shaft, a seen-it-all cop on the lovebirds’ tail.” – Time Out New York

“…a natural talent…exudes the complexity of human nature…any director or actor would be lucky to work with such a genuine force (Nabil Vinas).” – Liz Strong, writer-director

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