Colors and Queens (a 5 Pointz memory)

by david on November 27, 2013

I was a Brooklyn boy visiting family in the humble borough
A Flatbush kid unaccustomed to the subway with daylight
Just didn’t make sense
Riding on a redbird, I broke free from the cauldron
Struck dumbfounded by colors gratuitous in nature,
Images Mom would never let me see
Film and screen.

I bore witness to perspective and culture
Tagged freely on an abandoned looking thing
A source of comfort
Gritty and ugly, pretty in some parts
Couldn’t look away
Not even if you dared
Thank God no one did.

It was 5 Pointz and Shea Stadium
Transient homes away from home
My introduction to an understanding
Things came before me
What they meant
How it was all relevant
Why they mattered

Only means more now
Because another part is clipped
Not unexpected
But painful, still, as a fading memory
5 Pointz doesn’t die in the minds of those it fed.
Just keep watch for the young ones
Malnourished in a sea of glass.

“Colors and Queens” written by David King

5 Pointz 2013

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